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Rob and Katie Truax are wellness professionals in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.  Offering a range of services from chiropractic adjustments to whole-body functional wellness to massage therapy to essential oil education, no matter your wellness needs, we can get you feeling better and on your way to recovery.

Chiropractic Services 

When you feel aches and pains in your joints, it can seem like nothing will alleviate your discomfort. However, a chiropractic adjustment is a non-invasive option that can treat and resolve those musculoskeletal issues. 

Chiropractic care is offered by a doctor who specializes in manual adjustments. Dr. Rob, a Licensed Chiropractic Physician, has been practicing chiropractic services since 1996. Utilizing a gentle yet thorough approach, Dr. Rob ensures each adjustment is focused on solutions to alleviate the discomfort of patients of all ages.

During a chiropractic adjustment, the doctor will gently, yet firmly, manipulate your body’s joints to realign and restore function to your bones and muscles. Bones in your back, such as vertebrae, will be moved into proper alignment. 

The process of a chiropractic adjustment will: 

  • Soothe aching ligaments and muscles
  • Restore communication of your nervous system between your body and brain 
  • Boost the function of your immune system 
  • Aid in mood management 
  • Support body functions such as reproduction, sleep, digestion, and mood 
  • Improve your overall health and wellness

Beyond chiropractic care: Invest in your health with functional wellness.

There are times when a base chiropractic adjustment will need additional treatment to relieve pain or improve overall health. 

Whole-body functional wellness is a type of wellness maintenance in which your chiropractor will work with you to discover the underlying causes of your pain and discomfort. Utilizing a patient-centered and holistic approach, your chiropractor and you will address the underlying conditions, diseases, physical actions, or lifestyle choices causing the problems. 

Chiropractic functional wellness focuses on ensuring you are as healthy as possible, body, and mind. Utilizing practices such as chiropractic massage, essential oil education, chiropractic adjustments, and more, Rob + Katie Truax focuses on you as more than just a patient.

If you suffer from complex illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, or more, then chiropractic functional wellness may be the answer to your pain problems.

Trust Rob + Katie Truax with your Chiropractic Care

Rob + Katie Truax is your Santa Rosa Beach, FL destination for gold-tier chiropractic care and services such as:
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When you are ready to get back to living your best life, contact the professionals. Visit us online at or call (404) 429-2505 to get back to living your life - without pain.


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Chiropractic Care

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